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May is here… Make the most of it.

at the Marine Corp MarathonReal spring weather tends to bring people out of the house and into the gym, on the roads and paths-a sort of spring fitness reboot. It can be really hard to go from not working out much , to working on a body you look forward to seeing in shorts or a swimsuit. I am offering you some good advice to getting going again. But most importantly, I am sharing some “been there, done that” advice from some normal people, who just happen to have great fitness habits. 

Don’t think you are going to go from zero to 60. Work up to the fitness plan you want to have. If you think you have to hit the gym everyday, when you have avoided it for months, that is a sure fire way to crash and burn. Keep in mind that a fitness schedule ebbs and flows. Don’t spend time on negative self-talk. You got out of the habit? Fine, life happens. Now, get back into it! As you work on getting back your fitness mojo, remember that people who are out of shape will see results more quickly! By making a consistent, honest effort you will see results. Another thing to know, is that people are not on a straight path towards fitness goals their whole lives. 

Our fitness journey is in flux, like our lives are. For example, a distance runner may complain about not being in “good” shape as you run with them for 8-10 miles. Resist the urge to kick them. It is actually true. As humans, our being conditioned or in shape varies along with what we are doing. Keep in mind that your new adherence to a fitness schedule will not be easy at first. Remember that, and grit your teeth to get through the onset of your new regime. Once the  habit is established, you will feel more comfortable with your new routine. Keep in mind the 2-4-8 rule. This is a thing! In 2 weeks you start to feel fitter. In 4 weeks you will see changes in your body. In 8 weeks, others will notice the change in you! 

This is Kelly at her happiest, which is when she is running.I reached out to some runners gym goers I know, to ask them what motivates them? I hope their great advice propels you to embark on your Spring journey. Kelly Bevins is a young runner who I have had the pleasure of getting to know a bit, as she comes and goes to our Fleet Feet group. She explains, “Buddies help motivate me. Lately, with my husband gone for work and my house under a remodel I’m unable to get out and run. It is frustrating and further puts me into a slump! Gal and guy pals bugging me to go and run is what I need right now!” Thanks Kelly!

Sheryl Crowell, a very experienced half marathoner, and one of our Fleet Feet mentors echoed Kelly’s thoughts, “I am motivated by my friends. They get me going and out running. Many times I would not have gone for a run if I had to go by myself. I used to have an excuse. But if I know my friends are running too, I will get motivated to run.” 

Alex DiBenedettoAlex DiBenedetto is a great guy, and I have been thrilled to get to know him and his wife Stephanie through running. He offers a male perspective! “Originally my drive to exercise was driven by a weight loss goal. I was kinda crazy about it, but that was it. During that process, I met more people at the gym and on the road. Now my drive to run (go to gym) is socially driven. I know that when I go to a Fleet Feet event or the gym if I don’t see a close friend, I know I’m going to be around fun, positive people. It makes anything easy, not just exercise.” Genny Maltby is a lady that you have seen at Peak, on the bike path, or at Fleet Feet. She is  the “pretty British lady,” everyone says! She adds, “I am motivated to run and go to the gym by others. I love the company on an early morning run.” 

And lastly, I offer my sister, Chris Bergsten’s sage advice,”Motivation is my running partners and my precious Dalmation pup, Axl, who runs with his Stunt Puppy leash! 

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