Season Changing Essentials


As the weather changes, our workouts and routines change, as well. For a lot of people, getting the kids back to school and juggling after school activities can play havoc with the fitness habits we have developed all summer. How do we keep the kiddos on track, and still get our fitness on? Personally, I look forward to the cooler weather and the opportunity to run in less heat and humidity! Here are my quick tips to tackle fall and keep your fitness going!

  1. If you fell off the horse, get on another one! Maybe summer was too many margaritas and not enough cardio. Or perhaps your marathon goals were sidelined due to injury! Get back in the game. Our lives (and our fitness lives) are not straight lines. We have hills and valleys. If you can’t run, join RPM. If you are feeling stressed, go to Body Flow. Frustrated with your current fitness routine? Shake it up and try something new.

  2. Don't despair over the weather change! Fall and winter are awesome seasons to workout. You don’t have to feel bad being indoors. In the summer, you will never see me in the gym. But rainy fall and icy winter, I head to RPM, the indoor pool, and the weight room. Meanwhile, the outdoors are fabulous in the fall. Mornings are cool. Nights are comfortable. There are amazing fall races-Nik’s Run, Sycamore Pumpkin Run, local Turkey Trots.

  3. Prepare with gear. Look at your shoes, your clothes (especially your sports bras), and your gym bag. Things that no longer respond to anti-stink detergent? Toss them. Bras should never see a “Birthday.” If yours are ratty, replace them. What about your shoes? I feel that shoes don’t necessarily look old. But inside they start to feel like a “flat tire.” Replace them-your feet will thank you.

  4. Think about lighting and reflectivity. You need to be seen. Whether you are running, walking the dog, or riding your bike-please consider adding lighting and reflectivity to all of your outerwear/leashes. At Fleet Feet, we have a good selection of this stuff. Wherever you go, just get it and use it.

  5. Remember that what we eat is number one. Think fuel! Writing this, I am a couple weeks pre-marathon. This means I can get away with a bit of extras in my calories. But October 2, it is back to saying no to football Sunday feasts and no more pancakes (so sad).

  6. Recruit your friends. I miss my marathon training partners so much. I have had a huge hole in my training without my pals. I look forward to the next season when Karla Graham is 100%!

I try very hard to write my monthly articles from the heart and with my head. I think that our journey towards improved health and fitness is always a work in progress. If you consider this, the process, I believe it is kinder. There is no end, it is just a path. Some of us are moving ahead, then life comes, and we drop back a bit. My summer training for my fall marathon has been a struggle. I have felt upbeat and downhearted during training. When you read this, I will be (good or bad) on the other side of Milwaukee’s Lakefront Marathon. At the end of the day, I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to train, the health to race, and thankful for a supportive family that let’s me do this. I wish you a healthy fall. If you see me at Peak, please say HI. I may need a tour or directions to the gym, as the whole summer has been running!


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